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    I love to share my knowledge, observations and thoughts about

    the future of emerging technology

    on business and communities.


    I've been doing public speaking since I was in elementary school. Whether it was promoting a cause that I cared about or conveying my excitement (and sometimes skepticism) about emerging technology, I love connecting with audiences and engaging them in a conversation.


    My speaking experience is extensive and diverse, from large audiences at events like CES or the U.N., to more intimate settings like corporate board meetings and university classes. Below, I've included a small sample of some of the talks I've given over the years.

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    CES 2017: Living the Marketing Dream: Knowing Everything

    Keynote - MEMS Forum

    Explored ways in which device and chip manufacturers can help create a richer ecosystem of data for brands and marketers.

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    South by Southwest (SXSW): Even the Data's Bigger in Texas

    Featured Speaker and Panelist

    A panel, hosted by CMU, that explored the impact big data analysis has on developing winning marketing strategies. Other panelists included senior execs from R/GA, Thomson Reuters and PepsiCo.

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    Advertising Week: Data Congress

    Featured Speaker and Panelist

    Marketers and advertisers can achieve great success when they leverage data to support their initiatives. But translating consumer insight into action can be a complicated process. Topics covered included working with data partners, developing research programs that support sales, marketing and product development, in addition to the contextualization, synthesis and visualization of data.

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    Edinburgh International Television Festival

    Featured Speaker and Panelist

    Audience insight researchers have become very important players in the entertainment universe but there are only so many geniuses you can afford to hire. Too often the great insights remain siloed in disparate datasets or they cannot be properly communicated in an effective timeframe across all teams that need knowledge from data.

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